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Oklahoma School Profiles

The office creates three levels of Profiles Reports for Oklahoma’s public school system - State, District, and School Profiles. The information presented in the “Profiles Report” is divided into three major reporting categories: (1) Community Characteristics, (2) Educational Process, and (3) Student Performance. The intention is to mirror a real-world educational process. Students have a given home and community life. They attend schools comprised of a diverse makeup of teachers who deliver education through different programs and a variety of teaching styles. And in the end, all of these factors come to bear on each student’s academic performance.

The “State Profiles” deals with state-level common education issues. It examines the “big picture” of Oklahoma education and it is meant to set the stage for examining education in your part of the state, or within your local community. It contains many tables, graphs, and maps, all with accompanying text. Wherever possible, tables and graphs cover multiple years so that trends may be observed. National comparisons are added where comparable data exists. The District and School Profiles are divided into the same three major reporting categories as in the state report.

Remember, when evaluating education, no single data item alone can measure the academic soundness of a state, district, school, or student. The various factors that contribute to the educational process must be evaluated while taking into consideration their interrelationship. This is a difficult but important task.

If you have any questions about the meaning of any of the terms used in this report series, please refer to the Explanation of Terms and Data portion of this web site. If you plan to do research with our data, please contact our office so that we can help guide you on the proper uses of the information presented in our reports.

All reports can be downloaded directly from this website. For a printed copy of the report, please contact our office.