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The Profiles State Report

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The information presented in the “Profiles Report” is divided into three major reporting categories: (1) Community Characteristics, (2) Educational Process, and (3) Student Performance. This is meant to mirror the real-world educational process. Students have a given home and community life. The intention is to mirror a real-world educational process. Students have a given home and community life. They attend schools comprised of a diverse makeup of teachers who deliver education through different programs and a variety of teaching styles. And in the end, all of these factors come to bear on each student’s academic performance.

The “State Profiles” deals with state-level common education issues. It examines the “big picture” of Oklahoma education and it is meant to set the stage for examining education in your part of the state, or within your local community. It contains many tables, graphs, and maps, all with accompanying text. Wherever possible, tables and graphs cover multiple years so that trends may be observed. National comparisons are added where comparable data exists.

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Having Trouble Viewing the Report?

The files were compressed in Zip format. After the file containing the State Report has been saved to your computer, you will need to unzip it and open the state report with PDF reader to view it. Most of computers already have the needed softwares preloaded to do so.

You can also access district and school reports cards on this website. Hardcopies can be mailed upon request. Please contact our office if you have any questions about our reports.